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Carlene Craney by HiloHello Carlene Craney by HiloHello
Okay, so ~kompy has a contest on where you make a band.

I read the description and thought: "Wow, this is cool, I'd totally enter if I had any ideas or knew anything about band-type-stuff."

But, then, I had an idea. A family as a band, like that one I occasionally see in the subway. Only, y'know, not. Anyway, this is the lead vocalist, which is the minimum needed to get in. Only I'm probably going to make the rest of the band, plus their mom (who is also their manager), and, as a sort of extra, their two little brothers. They're not part of the band. They just come with it, like the instruments. I might even make color versions of the pictures.

Anyway, Carly.

Name: Carlene Craney

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Species/Breed: Cochin Chicken, white

Instrument: Vocalist

Band Name: The Craneys (Fuck, no, it’s not original, but I suck at naming things)

Music Style: Well, they don’t really have any particular style, per se. They just sort of perform anything that’s relatively upbeat/not depressing. Traditional, classics, whatever.

Motivation: Their mom wants them to get Recognition. The kids just want to have fun, and maybe get some applause.

Looks: Carly’s young, so she’s still mostly fluff. But she’s old enough that she’s got some real feathers coming in on her wings. (look closely, y’might see ‘em.) Also, her hair is brown (yes, I know).

Personality: Carly knows she’s got a fairly good voice for a girl her age, and won’t let you forget it. This also causes her to be a teeny bit stuck up, which leads to it being hard for her to make friends. She doesn't really care, she'd rather sing anyway, and besides, the family is always on the move. She also has a tendency to go on and on. But besides that, she’s a fairly nice little girl.

Additional Notes: That’s a denim dress she’s wearing.
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2006
Very cute and great detail.

I like your minimalist approach, it gives the impression of feathers, but also really works well as a style.
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February 22, 2006
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